CampaignShortCuts® provides candidates, PACs, and issue or proposition committees with cloud-based applications to support critical areas for planning, executing, and measuring successful campaigns.  In addition to the application functionality, the Software as a Service approach also includes:

  • 99.9% Service Level Agreement and Up-time
  • Staff or Volunteer Training and Support
  • Software Maintenance and Upgrades while Under Contract

See our product collateral for more detail:

Additional services available include:

Data Append Purchases
Improve contact data quality with address corrections, change of address notification, phone number and email data appends, and census or additional commercially available consumer data.

Data Import Services
Enhance contact reach or background information through mass data imports; examples include open records contact data, survey results, and purchased or historical data.

Data Analysis
Deepen understanding of voter data and message polling with custom reports and detailed data analysis surrounding issues, voter interaction, survey results, and location information.

Phone Auto Broadcasts
Increase communication responsiveness and capabilities with automated phone interactive surveys and message broadcasts; thousands of calls can be sent out in minutes to ensure communication is made with voters as rapidly as possible.

Web Site Security
Reduce security risk of down or “hacked” websites with protected and hardened hosted infrastructure, security scans, and responsive managed services; additional hosting capabilities are available to scale websites if or when they reach national exposure.

Custom Software
Expand capabilities or address additional critical needs with rapid custom application development; all custom applications available and hosted on the same solid cloud-based platform for user access over the web or mobile smart phones.